Diabetic Foot Care in Taylors Lakes

Diabetic Foot Care in Taylors Lakes

  • Wound care and assessment
  • Neuropathy – loss of sensation
  • Vascular assessment – blood flow

People with diabetes can consult Diabetic Foot Care in Taylors Lakes, they are more prone to developing foot problems such as neuropathy (loss of nerve function), foot deformities and blood flow issues. People with diabetes are at a higher risk of developing wounds and ulcers which may lead to amputations.

Areas where callus and corns develop can be at a higher risk of ulceration if you have diabetes. It is very important to take care of your feet with an experienced Diabetic Foot Care Specialist Taylors Lakes if you have diabetes and see a podiatrist regularly for check-ups and general treatment. Your Diabetic Foot Specialist in Taylors Lakes will assess your blood flow and nerves for any abnormalities.

Podiatrists at Diabetes Foot Care Taylors Lakes are also trained to assess and manage foot ulcers/wounds. It is very important if you suspect you have a wound or an infection to see your podiatrist at Diabetes Foot Care Keilor immediately for treatment.


  • loss of sensation or feeling in your feet due to nerve changes
  • early symptoms may be numbness, burning, tingling or pins and needles sensations
  • the nerves in your feet don’t send signals to the brain to make you aware you have stepped on something sharp or have caused trauma to your foot
  • loss of sensation in your feet can be quite serious and can result in wounds or ulcerations
  • wounds or ulcerations can eventuate into amputations being required

The sensation in your feet can be assessed and monitored by your podiatrist at Podiatry Clinic Taylors Lakes with a few simple tests. If you are dealing with some sports injury you can also consult our Sports Podiatrist in Taylors Lakes.

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