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The Importance of Diabetic Foot Care

Living with diabetes involves a gamut of treatment plans and careful management of your sugar intake and insulin levels. From maintaining a healthy, balanced diet to daily exercise, it’s important to be diligent in the routine care of your diabetes symptoms. Podiatrist diabetic foot care is an essential part of managing the side effects of diabetes. Our podiatrists are trained to guide you through diabetic foot treatment and help manage and prevent neuropathy, blood flow issues, foot deformities and ulcers. Additionally, our podiatrists are trained to assess and care for wounds and foot ulcers which is crucial for preventing infection and, in extreme circumstances, amputations. Understanding these conditions helps us to help you, by creating a personalised care plan and managing your pain while providing you with supportive and friendly service.

Understanding and preventing neuropathy

Neuropathy is nerve damage that has been caused by diabetes. Characterised by loss of feeling in your feet, the early symptoms of neuropathy are burning, tingling and numbness, or pins and needles in your feet. Since the nerve damage is extensive, the signals sent between your feet and your brain do not get delivered. This is dangerous because you cannot feel any trauma or injury to your feet which can result in infection and ulcers. Frequent monitoring by our podiatrists can help manage these symptoms and ensure the health of your feet. Additionally, preventing or delaying neuropathy can be done by trying to stay in your target glucose level, keeping your feet clean and inspecting them, checking for any blisters, cuts, hard skin or red areas. You should monitor numbness or tingling sensations, moisturise your feel regularly, and consider specialised socks and footwear. Early prevention is crucial in diabetic foot care and our podiatrists can monitor any symptoms with a few simple tests during routine visits.

Personalised diabetic foot treatment

Our friendly team is dedicated to providing you with expert and thorough care. We will assess your blood flow and nerves for any abnormalities and closely monitor any foot ulcers or wounds. We will guide you every step of the way through your podiatrist diabetestreatment. If your foot shape is changing due to neuropathy we will help find the right therapeutic shoe to keep you comfortable and show you how to maintain and moisturise your feet properly to prevent infection. We will provide callus management to prevent ulcers from forming, and if an ulcer does appear on your foot, we will ensure that it receives fast and effective care to prevent an infection from growing and spreading. It can be overwhelming to manage so many symptoms, but we are dedicated to making it manageable through our personalised care. From finding you the highest quality therapeutic socks and shoes, to teaching you how to safely care for your feet as part of your daily regimen, to providing you with quality neuropathy intervention, Taylors Lakes Podiatry Clinic is here to help.

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