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Taylors Lakes Podiatry Clinic is dedicated to being a part of the Keilor Downs community by providing the most caring and effective podiatric treatment the area can offer. Our podiatrists provide specialised care plans for every patient. We believe that since every patient is different, their care should be individualised for their needs and met with as many treatment options as possible. Amongst the conditions we manage, fungal nails is one of the most common, and with innovative treatment through photodynamic therapy, we can provide fast-acting management.

Fungal nails: what causes them?

Nail fungus is a common condition that causes the toenails to turn yellow and painfully thicken. The appearance of the nails can also vary and appear brittle and ragged, disfigured, dark coloured from build-up under the nail, and may even have an odour. Fungal nail infections can be caused by a variety of factors that result in the development of fungal organisms. For older people, fungal nails are often the result of diabetes, low blood flow and a weaker immune system. Younger people or very active individuals may get fungal nails from excessive sweating, walking barefoot (especially in damp communal areas like a pool or gym), or athlete’s foot. You can prevent nail fungus by washing your feet regularly, wearing socks and shoes that are absorbent and made from breathable material, and using antifungal powders or wearing shoes in communal areas. If you do need podiatric treatment because your nails become discoloured, misshapen and painful, we can help manage your fungal nails with the assistance of the most friendly and expert podiatrists in Keilor Downs area.

Innovative and non-invasive treatment

Our non-invasive photodynamic therapy treatment can help rid your fungal nails within just a few treatments! Using photochemical reactions and photosensitive gel, light and oxygen kills the fungal cells. The gel contains a dye that specifically targets fungal cell walls, making them vulnerable to the photodynamic light. This destroys the cell walls of the fungus without harming any of the healthy tissue near it. We first reduce the thickness of the infected nail and then apply the photodynamic gel to the nail. After ten minutes the PACT light is shown on the nail and then begins destroying the fungal cells. Painless and time efficient, PACT treatment sessions are scheduled based on the severity of your infection. As one of the only podiatric clinics in the western suburbs that offers photodynamic therapy, we are proud and committed to providing high quality, friendly and effective treatment for fungal nail infections and any other podiatric needs.

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