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The Best Fungal Toe Nail Treatment

Do you suffer from thick, discoloured, ragged or brittle toenails due to a fungal infection? Are you looking for the best toenail fungus treatment? Instead of using at-home therapies which never really work, or taking oral medications which can have adverse side effects, there is another option. Toenail fungus treatment does not have to be frustrating.

We offer an alternative treatment to oral medication and medicated nail lacquers which is safe and also effective for fungal toenail treatment. Our office, conveniently located in Taylors Lakes, is home to a dedicated Photodynamic Therapy machine. Our friendly and helpful staff can help you with combatting toenail fungus, helping prevent future infections and permanent damage to nails by offering a personalised plan for your care.

How we help you

Our amiable and caring staff understand that every patient is unique, so we make sure to tailor every management and treatment plan to each person. To ensure that your fungal toe nail treatment is specially designed for what you need, we provide a personalised approach to foot care.

We have a unique Photodynamic Therapy (PACT) machine for toenail fungus treatment. PACT machines are few and far between, and our practice has one of only two in the western suburbs. These machines offer some of the best toenail fungus treatment because unlike oral medications they do not have harmful side effects such as liver damage. PACT treatment is also more successful than applying anti-fungal nail lacquers because it has a better penetration through the nail and can more easily destroy the fungal cells.

How PACT works

The PACT machine works by killing fungal cells using photochemical reactions between a gel, a special light, and oxygen. The treatment involves placing a photosensitive gel onto your affected nail. The gel bonds to your nail and the fungus in about ten minutes. Then, we expose the affected nail to light from the machine for nine and a half minutes which kills the fungal cells. The light exposure will not affect any healthy skin surrounding the treated area.

Before the treatment, the podiatrist will use a specialised instrument to thin the nail. If you have more severe fungus, we may also give you some highly concentrated urea to apply to the nail between treatments. Depending on how severe the case of fungal infection, the number of treatment sessions will vary.

Why choose us for toenail fungus treatment?

Our high standards for care and individualised treatment plans for fungal toe nail treatment make Taylors Lakes Podiatry Clinic an exceptional option for your foot care needs. Our specialised equipment offers a safe alternative to other methods of treatment for fungal infections. We know how important proper foot care is, and we will provide the best toenail fungus treatment we can, to help you and your feet feel better again.

Our helpful podiatrists, reasonable prices, and specific plans for care are just some of the reasons to come to us for toenail fungus treatment. Click here to make an appointment online.

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