Quality Podiatrist in Sydenham & Taylors Lakes

Do you have problems with your feet? Do you suffer from sore heels? Foot pain first thing after getting up in the morning? Our highly experienced podiatrists can treat these and many other foot-related issues. Our friendly and caring professionals are here to help. If you are looking for an exceptional local podiatrist in Sydenham or Taylors Lakes, look no further than Taylors Lakes Podiatry Clinic.

How we can help manage foot pain

A common issue podiatrists treat is plantar fasciitis. When there is inflammation in the connecting tissue between your heel and the ball of your foot, pain can occur in the arch or heel. This can cause discomfort, especially in the morning after your feet have been resting all night. There are many different factors that contribute to plantar fasciitis, such as the way you walk, exercise, or even the shoes you wear.

If you suffer from heel and arch pain, you do not need to suffer alone. We can help figure out what is causing this condition and create a personalised plan for treatment and pain management. Our podiatrists are experienced in treating plantar fasciitis and are more than happy to help.

How else can we help?

Our clinic provides many services, including:

  • General podiatry
  • Ingrown toenail treatment
  • Children’s foot care
  • Diabetes foot care
  • Sports podiatry
  • Orthotics
  • Heel pain & plantar fasciitis treatment
  • Photodynamic (PACT) Therapy for fungal toenails

There are many reasons why people visit a podiatrist, and our clinic is no different. We are happy to examine your feet and help treat your foot problems. Whether it’s corns, warts, customised shoe inserts, or blood flow issues, we can help.

More about our clinic

We are a new and forward-thinking clinic, having opened in February 2018, and are proud to serve the community at our Taylors Lakes Podiatry Clinic.

We have been operating out of Oak Park Foot Clinic since 2015 and have highly experienced podiatrists on our staff. We also have one of the two PACT machines in the western suburbs for treating fungal toenails.

We pride ourselves on personalised care. We realise that everyone is different, and therefore understand the importance of helping each person and their unique symptoms with a patient-specific, individualised approach. Our friendly and professional podiatrists are experienced in caring for feet of all different shapes and sizes.

Get help from a podiatrist in Sydenham

If you are suffering from any of the issues mentioned above, or feel you need to have your feet examined by a local Sydenham podiatrist, you can make an appointment online hereor call us on (03) 8361 5802. Our exceptional, experienced staff will work hard to help you and your feet feel better, with a personalised management strategy utterly unique to you.

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